Balance Weight Management Scales

Connected smart scale
Polar Balance is more than a smart scale. Sync it with a Polar activity tracker and the free Polar Flow health and fitness app to manage your calories and exercise. It’s a whole service to help make your weight management journey a happy and successful one.

  • Advanced activity goal: Provides a personalized daily activity goal to help you reach your goal weight, automatically updated and displayed on the wrist unit.
  • Beautifully designed: The Polar Balance scale was designed for convenient, everyday use. Large, easy-to-read display. With its sleek, splash-proof glass design, it will look good in your home, and help keep you motivated.
  • Multiple users: For each family member to use. The scale can be used by up to 10 different people
  • Weight trend: Follow your weight trends via the Polar Flow web service and app. Learn how your weight changes over time, and how your everyday actions affect it.
  • Body mass index: Follow your body mass index (BMI) in the Polar Flow web service and app. See your progress and get the motivation you need to effectively manage your weight
  • Wireless sync: Polar Balance scale connects wirelessly to your Polar device or mobile app with Bluetooth Smart

Compatible Polar products:
You can use the Polar Balance scale with Polar Loop 2, Polar Loop Crystal, Polar Loop, A300, A360, M400, and V800.


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